1.Welcome to Our Layer

We are a group of artists and technicians, visionaries and craftspeople.

We draw and draft and dream all day long. The content we create is colorful, energetic, and visually superb. These animated worlds take their life in feature films, commercials and television series with international broadcasters, watched by children and grown-up children alike.

Our workshop imagines and engineers every aspect of original series, from story to character development to digital animation to compositing to final editing. Though digital animation service work is still an important part of what we do, Switch Animation is becoming known for creating original content that is inspiring, impactful, and sought after.

Since 2010, we have launched original series airing on BBC Kids, RTE, Knowledge Network, Teletoon, and we have many more scheduled to launch internationally in the next couple of years.

Our sister company, Switch VFX, is also taking the Visual Effects world by storm.

2.Meet the Team

Don’t worry, we won’t bite…

Hi there! We are the Lost Boys & Girls of Switch Animation. Our office is a kaleidoscopic bunch of pirates and code-crackers, beer drinkers and vegans, closet-couch potatoes and marathon runners, musicians, cyclists, omnivores, and coffee-pounders. Some of us are seasoned old (ish) pros and have been around the business for a long time, having worked at leading studios around the world such as Disney, Alliance Atlantis, Nelvana and DreamWorks. Others are the cream of the new talent crop, bringing a fresh eye into our studio and keeping the work we do progressive.

Oh yeah, and our office pups keep up morale and make sure we all stay on track.

Pete Denomme

Executive Producer

As Executive Producer and CEO of Switch, Pete will never let anyone forget that he began in humble beginnings as a classically-trained animator before entering the production side of animation at Calibre Digital Pictures. More than 30 years, 10 years as President and Executive Producer at Alliance Atlantis, 30 features, and something like 50 thousand television credits later, Pete continues to develop a full slate of intellectual properties and co-productions within Switch Animation.

Related Projects: SAW: 3D: The Final Chapter, Winnie the Pooh,George of the Jungle II

Kemal Alley

Post Production Supervisor

Kemal is a post-production kingpin who has a hand in everything that hits the studio, from series to features, in both the Switch Animation and Switch VFX departments. Although he has the cutest baby girl in the known universe at home, he spends his days devotedly fixing and finishing at Switch Animation.

Martin Sal

Line Producer

After spending a decade in the creative realm Martin decided to step over to the dark side of film-making: the production. As a line producer Martin has the opportunity to utilize his first hand knowledge gained during his "artistic-phase" in solving a different type of challenges: delivering shows keeping both the clients and the crew ecstatic. How? By creating and maintaining realistic schedules & budgets, implementing innovative workflow solutions and overseeing the operations from development stage to final deliveries. Without taking too much credit away from himself, we all know that this is only possible because of the killer crew he's been able to surround himself with, lending him their murderous expertise and assistance. When not pretending to work, Martin is renowned for challenging people to foosball matches at the most inappropriate times.

Bin Bin

Security Assistant

Bin Bin is an international dog of mystery who was adopted in 2013 from Taiwan through an animal rescue agency. His 10 years surely hold many more daring adventures and incredible feats of escape than we can ever know. This year alone he has successfully undergone hip surgery (which rendered him partially cyborg from the waist down), and disappeared for over a week - only to return triumphantly, unscathed. Despite his mysterious past, Bin Bin retains an air of kindness and calm that cannot be denied by anyone who meets him in the Switch Animation studio.


Chief Canine Officer

Brick is the strong and silent heartbreaker of the studio. Mysterious now at ten years old, Brick was ten weeks upon his adoption from the eminent Redlands line of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retrievers. His red-gold coat and doleful gaze lend an august presence to the studio couch, where Brick lies low. On occasion, he can be found in such a state of legendary relaxation that one marvels at the flexibility. Brick keeps his own hours around the studio, taking orders only from Pete. His bark is rare, and his bite is unknown, for he knows we have all seen his belly.

3.Our Partners

We are proud to have partnered with some of the leading production companies and media groups in Canada, United States, Germany, UK, and around the world.

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